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Temperature Current Conditions
Currently Outside: Colder 1°F than last hour.


High Today
11:25 AM
Low Today
12:14 AM
Yest High
2:42 PM
Yest Low
7:09 AM
Sta* High
Sta* Low 
* This Station's Records Since 02/2008
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Partly cloudy, Light rain It is Partly cloudy, Light rain

Wind from NNW Wind:  NNW

Gusting to:
0.0 mph
Current Rain Rain:
0.26 in
At UV of:
Sunburn in
124 Minutes
11:51 AM
Outside Now Liquid Precipitation
Dew Point: Decreased 1.8°F since last hour. 41.6°F
DewPt Last Hour: Decreased 1.8°F since last hour. 1.8°F
Wetbulb: 43.6°F
Humidity: Decreased 3% since last hour. 87%
Humidity Last Hour: Decreased 3% since last hour. 3%
Barometer: Rising 0.024 °F/hr 30.124 inHg
Wind-Chill: 45.2°F
Today: 0.26 in
Rate (/hr): 0.045 in
Yesterday: 0.02 in
Last 7 Days: 1.37 in
Oct Rain: 5.75 in
Oct Avg: 7.34 in
Diff from Avg: Under 1.59 in for the month 1.59 in
Season:1 59.53 in
Weather Forecast
Outlook Today & Tonight

Today: Chance Light Rain
Chance Light Rain

Hi 51 °F ↓
NWS forecast: A chance of rain before 5pm. Partly sunny. High near 51, with temperatures falling to around 48 in the afternoon. North northwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.
Local station forecast: Increasing clouds with little temp change, precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hrs.

Tonight: Mostly Clear then Patchy Fog
Mostly Clear then Patchy Fog

Lo 34 °F ↑
NWS forecast: Patchy fog between midnight and 1am, then areas of frost. Mostly clear. Low around 34, with temperatures rising to around 36 overnight. East southeast wind 3 to 7 mph.
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