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Air Quality Burn Ban Status

Fire Safety Burn Bans
The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency manages "air quality burn bans" only, which are usually issued during the winter months. "Fire safety burn bans" are different, and are issued separately by fire department officials; usually during the summer months. During the summer, you should contact your fire department to check fire safety burn ban status before lighting any outdoor fire. Fire departments post current fire safety burn ban status and information at: Air Quality Burn Ban info courtesy of pscleanair
Stage 1 Burn Ban
No burning in uncertified wood stoves or inserts, or fireplaces. No outdoor burning. EPA certified devices and pellet stoves are allowed.


Uncertified Wood Stoves
Uncertified Wood Inserts
Outdoor Burning


EPA Certified Wood Stoves
EPA Certified Wood Inserts
Pellet Stoves & Inserts
Stage 2 Burn Ban
No wood burning allowed, including pellet stoves and EPA certified devices. No outdoor burning.
No wood burning allowed.