As most of you know, last summer we had some very bad air quality here in town with smoke and ash, It wasn't fun for no one. Our only air quality sensor In town Is at the Forest Service building just east of downtown. That sensor Is faulty and they don't seem to want to replace it. During the smokey days and even when the ash was falling on our cars, that sensor was showing Good Air Quality.

I'd like to purchase a Air Quality sensor to add to my weather data. I think by adding this sensor, it will help those that suffer when the air quality Is moderate to high. I would be able with this sensor to show the live Air Quality for North Bend Live on my website. I think this would be a nice added feature for people too see If we happen to go through what we did this passed summer.

Here's a picture of the sensor and the link to the site. The cost of the sensor Is $229. Any donations would be appreciated. You can donate to North Bend Weather through PayPal on the main page towards the bottom.

Link to sensor site - Purple Air Sensor

This is a current map showing who all currently has one of these sensors. They are fairly new to the market, but becoming popular. As you can see, there's not one close to the eastside. I think by having one out here, It would be very beneficial.